Demo: Toreador

Deck Name: Demo: Toreador
Author: Brett Schofield
Play-tested: the deck has problems without guns, so another was added. Also, several locations that can be interacted with by other players have been added to take advantage of the strong defense offered by the deck.

Crypt (0 cards; Capacity min=0 max=0 avg=0)

Garou Rim: Dawn Operation

Garou Rim: Dawn Operation
Joensuu, Finland
June 29th 2019
10 players
Esa-Matti Smolander

-- 1gw3.5 + 4vp in the final

Deck Name: Parliament of Shadows precon with no changes.

Finals Seating

Esa-Matti Smolander (Lasombra Starter) --> Petrus Makkonen (Epikasta TGB) --> Simo Tiippana (Lydia + Al-Muntathir Trujah Toolbox) --> Aapo Järvelin (Theo + Beast anarch Rush) --> Petro Hirvonen (Hektor Toolbox)

Crypt (12 cards, min=32, max=38, avg=8.67)
2x Luca Italicus 10 DOM FOR NEC OBT POT tha archbishop Lasombra:4
2x Antón de Concepción 9 ANI DOM OBT POT aus archbishop Lasombra:4
2x Carolina Vález 9 DOM OBT POT PRE aus archbishop Lasombra:5
2x Charles Delmare 8 DOM OBT POT cel cardinal Lasombra:5
2x Lord Leopold Valdemar 8 OBT POT cel dom obf priscus Lasombra:5
2x Percival 8 FOR OBT POT aus dom archbishop Lasombra:5

Library (77 cards)
Master (13; 4 trifle)
1x Information Highway
1x Jake Washington
1x Monastery of Shadows
1x Papillon
1x Political Hunting Ground
1x Power Structure
1x Powerbase: Madrid
4x Villein
2x Zillah's Valley

Action (8)
6x Govern the Unaligned
2x Under Siege

Ally (1)
1x Mylan Horseed

Political Action (15)
1x Anarchist Uprising
1x Ancient Influence
2x Banishment
8x Kine Resources Contested
1x Neonate Breach
1x Political Stranglehold
1x Reins of Power

Action Modifier (24)
2x Blanket of Night
4x Conditioning
4x Seduction
4x Shadow Play
4x Shroud of Absence
4x Shroud of Night
2x Tenebrous Form

Reaction (10)
4x Deflection
2x Obedience
2x On the Qui Vive
2x Wake with Evening's Freshness

Combat (6)
3x Oubliette
3x Shadow Body


Deck Name: Stanislava
Author:  Martin Weinmayer
Description: Grand Prix Ropecon 2019 Winning Deck (55 players)
Crypt (12 cards; Capacity min=8 max=11 avg=9.857143)
1x Etrius                        11 pro AUS DOM OBF THA      Tremere:2
1x Genevieve                     10 aus dom ANI FOR PRO      Gangrel antitribu:2
1x Hartmut Stover                10 dom for CEL OBF PRO      Gangrel antitribu:3
3x Ingrid Rossler                9 dom ANI FOR PRO          Gangrel:2
1x Mark Decker                   8 ani for obf pot CEL PRO  Gangrel:3
4x Stanislava                    11 ANI CEL DOM FOR PRO      Gangrel:2
1x Xaviar (ADV)                  10 aus cel pot ABO ANI FOR PRO Gangrel:3
Library: 82 cards
Master (20 cards)
1x Giant's Blood
1x Information Highway
2x Monastery of Shadows
2x Papillon
2x Pentex(TM) Subversion
2x Backways
7x Villein
3x Dreams of the Sphinx
Action (8 cards)
8x Govern the Unaligned
Action Modifier (17 cards)
2x Enkil Cog
4x Forced March
4x Instantaneous Transformation
2x Conditioning
5x Earth Control
Action Modifier/Combat (3 cards)
3x Rapid Change
Political Action (14 cards)
2x Anarchist Uprising
1x Ancient Influence
2x Ancilla Empowerment
5x Parity Shift
1x Political Stranglehold
1x Reins of Power
2x Banishment
Combat (11 cards)
7x Form of Mist
4x Earth Meld
Reaction (9 cards)
2x Sense the Savage Way
7x Deflection

Ventrue Anti Law Firm

Deck Name: Ventrue Anti Law Firm
Author: Kai Kimmerle

Crypt (12 cards; Capacity min=5 max=11 avg=8.42)
1x Emily Carson 5 for pre DOM Ventrue:5
1x Gotsdam, The Tired Warrior 9 ani AUS DOM FOR PRE Ventrue:4
1x Graham Gottesman 7 obf pre tha DOM FOR Ventrue:5
2x Gustav Breidenstein 10 aus cel pot DOM FOR PRE Ventrue:4
1x Hardestadt 11 cel pro DOM FOR POT PRE Ventrue:4
2x Lodin (Olaf Holte) 8 aus pro DOM FOR PRE Ventrue:5
2x Mary Anne Blaire 10 ani pot AUS DOM FOR PRE Ventrue:5
1x Pedrag Hasek 7 aus val DOM FOR PRE Ventrue:5
1x Victor Donaldson 6 for pre DOM Ventrue:5

Ventrue Law Firm

Deck Name: Ventrue Law Firm
Author: Kai Kimmerle

Crypt (12 cards; Capacity min=5 max=11 avg=9.42)
3x Arika 11 aus cel DOM FOR OBF PRE Ventrue:2
2x Catherine du Bois 5 for obf pre DOM Ventrue:3
2x Lucinde, Alastor 10 obf pot tha DOM FOR PRE Ventrue:3
3x Marcus Vitel 10 DOM FOR OBF OBT PRE Ventrue:3
2x Queen Anne 10 aus obf DOM FOR PRE Ventrue:2

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