Line Brawl league 2023


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Min Games to be qualified:  1
RP forumula:  Advanced SWEDEN RP calculation: (rounded to 2 decimal places) = ( ( ( 8 * GW + 4 * VP ) ) + Finalist Bonus + Finalist GW Bonus )
Finalist Bonus formula:  39.47052
Tournament Winner Bonus formula:  118.41156
Log Modificator:  0
For more details please check the offical rating system.

Player Name 
Sum of Games 
Sum of GWs 
Sum of VPs 
Sum of Rps 
Last game 
User qualification 
1TomsGermany22.07.0167.412023-03-19 20:30:00
2NoSoup4youUnited States42.08.092.472023-03-19 20:30:00
3DayvissonBrazil41.07.582.472023-03-19 20:30:00
4AitorSpain41.03.064.472023-03-19 20:30:00
5TeylenGermany31.03.064.472023-03-19 20:30:00
6mjvtes521United States31.02.5232023-03-12 20:30:00
7Kratos91Spain11.02.0212023-03-12 20:30:00
8Snakeeater1990Germany30.04.0212023-03-12 20:30:00
9BeslinIgorSerbia30.03.0172023-03-12 20:30:00
10GotchaBelgium30.02.5152023-03-12 20:30:00
11AndrialfoSpain30.02.0132023-03-12 20:30:00
12RichAustralia30.02.0132023-03-12 20:30:00
13Hey SteevUnited States30.01.5112023-03-12 20:30:00
14Guille(Mondragon)Spain10.01.092023-03-12 20:30:00
15LasseFinland10.00.052023-02-26 20:30:00
16connor0United States10.00.052023-02-26 20:30:00
17QuimicoDanDominican Republic30.00.052023-03-12 20:30:00
18AlanmutBrazil10.00.052023-03-05 20:30:00
19The KakistocratSingapore20.00.052023-03-12 20:30:00
20RhysEngelUnited States10.00.052023-03-12 20:30:00
21txinoSpain10.00.052023-03-12 20:30:00
22ChromeboyGermany10.00.052023-03-12 20:30:00
23LaCroixUnited States10.00.052023-03-12 20:30:00

Tags: vtes

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About us

We are a small, creative and motivated team to enforce vtes.

  • Martin Weinmaier (event manager EU)
  • Igor Beslin (event manager EU)
  • Kai Kimmerle (developer)

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  Mo-Fr: 18.00 - 21.00

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