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Last update: 2022-12-31
Event Name 
Sabbat WarStandard Constructed2022-08-289006405
Copa do BrasilStandard Constructed2022-08-0712017609
Campeonato BrasileiroNational Championship2022-07-301102108013
Treino pro caixote no BRStandard Constructed2022-07-10702120013
Torneio Madness NetworkStandard Constructed2022-06-19213106041
Condemm the Sins of the FatherStandard Constructed2022-05-2920056021
Hide the HeartStandard Constructed2022-04-24613116025
Baixadão pré BRStandard Constructed2022-03-2770296013
BRASILEIRÃO 2021Online Standard Constructed2021-11-09-1004205
Campeonato Carioca, Syd´s LegacyNational Qualifier2021-10-3117007605
Sede de Vitae Prt 23Online Standard Constructed2021-10-25-11388025
Sede de Vitae Prt 22Online Standard Constructed2021-10-1813003605
Nino’s Prank (CRISE no Brasil)Online Standard Constructed2021-10-1635001805
Sede de Vitae Prt 12Online Standard Constructed2021-08-0921004805
LEGIONOnline Standard Constructed2021-07-257017209
Sede de Vitae Prt 7Online Standard Constructed2021-06-2112004205
Sede de Vitae Prt 6Online Standard Constructed2021-06-1420004205
Fall of the CamarillaStandard Constructed2021-05-3021478045
Sede de Vitae Prt 5Online Standard Constructed2021-05-2421484065
Sede de Vitae Prt 4Online Standard Constructed2021-05-1721596175
Dwarth Rules RJStandard Constructed2021-02-289004805
ZÉ DO CAIXÃO on lineOnline Standard Constructed2021-02-1421384058
BENTO CARNEIROOnline Standard Constructed2021-02-07110278013
Brasileiro On-Lackey 2020Online National Championship2021-01-23815132033
Carioca ConstructedStandard Constructed2021-01-17214102057
ONLINE QUARANTINE TOURNAMENT I - RJOnline Standard Constructed2020-04-10110294013
Campeonato Carioca 2017Continental Qualifier2017-07-0821484050
Torneio VTES RJ - Abril de 2017Standard Constructed2017-04-15214108256
Year of Fortune JAN 2016Standard Constructed2016-01-10213.5120046
Shatter the GatesStandard Constructed2015-11-158016609
Campeonato Carioca 2015 - VTESStandard Constructed2015-10-3111003605
Bloddy CarnivalleStandard Constructed2015-02-2220184025
Rise of the InconnuStandard Constructed2014-11-02215136064
Cruzade Itaocara!Standard Constructed2014-09-2021378050
Torneio de Itaocara Vtes Rj 2014Standard Constructed2014-08-021002106013
Ressac Vtes Rj 2014Standard Constructed2014-05-186005205
O ReencontroStandard Constructed2014-04-279003605
Campeonato Carioca Vtes 2014Standard Constructed2014-04-06215102167
Torneio Classificatório Sac 2014 - Vtes RjContinental Qualifier2014-03-169006005
Powerbase: Tijuca Return's Vtes Rio de JaneiroStandard Constructed2014-02-0912111742161
Undead PersistenseStandard Constructed2014-01-1212007005
Antediluvian AwakeningStandard Constructed2013-12-08814114029
Winds of ChangeStandard Constructed2013-11-108019409
Preparatório para o SAC 2013Standard Constructed2013-10-27227148079
Free Carta VTES RJStandard Constructed2013-09-296016609
Campeonato Mineiro 2013Standard Constructed2013-09-0715004805
Torneio de Julho de 2013Standard Constructed2013-07-071131025133
BRASILEIRO VTESNational Championship2013-06-011502120013
Preparatório Brasileiro 2013Standard Constructed2013-05-3015008005
Campeonato Carioca de VtES 2013National Qualifier2013-04-14216156166
South American Championship 2012Continental Championship2012-11-1712018409
Brazilian Championship Tournament 2012National Championship2012-11-1611019609
LCQ South American Championship 2012Continental Qualifier2012-11-15216132073
Classificatorio Carioca para o SAC 2012Continental Qualifier2012-10-217007405
Brazilian Cup 2011Standard Constructed2011-06-2421296048
LCQ Brazilian Championship 2011National Qualifier2011-06-2332006605
South American Qualifier 2010 - Rio de JaneiroContinental Qualifier2010-10-31226.50072
Preparatorio para campeonato Brasileiro 2010Standard Constructed2010-08-292010022
Campeonato Carioca 2010Standard Constructed2010-05-306020013
Mini Qualifier para o Sula 2009 - SJMStandard Constructed2009-09-27600005
Campeonato Carioca 2009Standard Constructed2009-06-216020013
Vendetta CariocaStandard Constructed2009-04-24601009
I Joao's lair 2009Standard Constructed2009-01-282160056
Dia D RPG-RJ 2008 part 1Standard Constructed2008-05-176020013
Torneio Carioca de VTESNational Qualifier2006-07-306020013
Torneio dos campeoesStandard Constructed2006-07-16600005

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Seat Games % VP GW
1 2 22.22% 1 0
2 2 22.22% 0 0
3 3 33.33% 0 0
4 1 11.11% 0 0
5 1 11.11% 0 0
6 0 0% 0 0
7 0 0% 0 0
8 0 0% 0 0
9   1 0

Played Decks

(List played games)

Deck Games VP % GW % Timeout Finals Finals Won
2 0.0 0% 0.0 NAN% 0 0 0
Baba Yaga Block
1 0.0 0% 0.0 NAN% 0 0 0
Celerity Gun Combat
1 0.0 0% 0.0 NAN% 1 0 0
Lutz von Hohenzollern Vote
1 0.0 0% 0.0 NAN% 0 0 0
Mimir Baltimore Toolbox
1 0.0 0% 0.0 NAN% 0 0 0
Weenie Computer Hacking Bleed
2 1.0 100% 0.0 NAN% 0 0 0
Weenie Obfuscate Combat
1 0.0 0% 0.0 NAN% 0 0 0
Total 9 1 0 1 0 0

About us

We are a small, creative and motivated team to enforce vtes.

  • Martin Weinmaier (event manager EU)
  • Igor Beslin (event manager EU)
  • Kai Kimmerle (developer)

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  Mo-Fr: 18.00 - 21.00

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