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First Game 2020-07-26

Last Game 2020-09-13

Homeland: Italy 

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Smanny is active in 2 events.
# Event Games VP GW ØVPs Ø GWs TRPs
2 4 Eternal Nights 2020 2 0 0 0 0 5
1 Storyline Summer League 2020 1 1.5 0 1.5 0 11
  3 1.5 0     16

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Last update: 2022-05-30
Event Name 
Break the CodeStandard Constructed2022-05-2913003605
Hanging FermataStandard Constructed2022-03-2712005205
Concert TourStandard Constructed2021-11-141261201.5165
Powerbase: BresciaStandard Constructed2021-11-07115.51142.5109
Blood of ValentineStandard Constructed2020-02-091100.57207
[VEG] Italian Gran Prix 2019/20Standard Constructed2019-11-2333019009
Nicola LonardiStandard Constructed2019-09-2221588079
Italian National Championship 2019National Championship2019-03-16813126025
Diablerie in Milan - New Prince electionStandard Constructed2019-02-2415016609
Smudge the Ignored 2Standard Constructed2019-01-051900.55407
Campionato Italiano 2018National Championship2018-03-111300.57807
[VEG] Belgian Grand PrixContinental Qualifier2018-02-2532007205
torneo genovaStandard Constructed2018-02-18700.56407
Genova constructedStandard Constructed2017-11-19215108164
Milan ConstructedStandard Constructed2017-10-229016609
AuspexStandard Constructed2017-06-2514004205
Campionato - Italiano - 2017National Championship2017-04-30214960.570
First Chance Qualifier 2016Continental Qualifier2016-11-131014.5132031
EC day 1 2016 - GenoaContinental Championship2016-11-1282006605
Last Chance Qualifier 2016Continental Qualifier2016-11-112503.5144019
italian EQ genovaStandard Constructed2016-04-24214132065
genova tappa 2016Standard Constructed2016-04-23702114013
Campionato - Italiano - 2016National Championship2016-02-0761396025
Torino ConstructedStandard Constructed2016-02-06801.572011
Tappa Trento Tour 2015/2016Standard Constructed2015-12-066017209
Milan - Italian Qualifier Tour 2015-2016Standard Constructed2015-11-2210004205
Prima tappa tour 2016 - Brescia - Scobax PartyStandard Constructed2015-10-2470266013
Milan, Second Tradition: domainStandard Constructed2015-07-1211015409
[Massa] - Torneo CittadinoStandard Constructed2015-06-20700.54807
"Survivalist" Italian European QualifierContinental Qualifier2014-09-141401.5108011
"Survivalist": Milan Still Standing - Italian Qualifier TourStandard Constructed2014-09-1317004205
tutti al mare 2Standard Constructed2014-07-20601.584011
Ottava Tappa Qualifier Tour 2014Standard Constructed2014-06-22215114175
Italian National Championship 2014National Championship2014-06-011701.596011
Italian Qualifier Tour 7th stepStandard Constructed2014-05-31100266013
Torino Vtes TourStandard Constructed2014-03-23215.5114074
genova tappa del tourStandard Constructed2014-02-0924004805
genova 2014Standard Constructed2014-02-0813003605
last chance tour genova 6Standard Constructed2013-09-22227120070
last chance tour genova 5Standard Constructed2013-09-219004805
last chance tour genova 4Standard Constructed2013-09-1520390038
last chance tour genova 3Standard Constructed2013-09-14227120278
Armor of TerraStandard Constructed2013-09-127005405
last chance tour genova 2Standard Constructed2013-09-086016609
last chance tour genova 1Standard Constructed2013-09-07202120034
tutti al mare 2Standard Constructed2013-07-28202114138
Blood WeakensStandard Constructed2013-06-09702.5102015
genova tappa del tourStandard Constructed2013-06-081200.56007
Italian Qualifier Tour 2013 - Slow Withering, BolzanoStandard Constructed2013-03-2418004205
Italian Qualifier Tour 2013 - Veil of Darknees, TrentoStandard Constructed2013-03-2312016609
Anthelios - Italian Qualifier TourStandard Constructed2013-03-0380290013
VTES EC 2013 First Chance QualifierContinental Qualifier2012-10-2810600.57207
VTES EC 2012 Day 1Continental Championship2012-10-27131007205
VTES EC 2012 Last Chance QualifierContinental Qualifier2012-10-264812.5108023
Harbingers of SkullsMini-Qualifier2011-09-11802.584015
The Hunt For TariqMini-Qualifier2010-05-02600.5007
Creation RitesMini-Qualifier2009-06-20601009
Daring the dawnMini-Qualifier2009-02-15600.5007
The Crimson SentinelMini-Qualifier2008-04-06601.50011
Permanent VacationStandard Constructed2007-11-182140059
Cardinal BenedictionMini-Qualifier2007-06-17601.50011
European Championship 2006 - Day 1Continental Championship2006-11-25600.5007
Last Chance EQ - TorinoContinental Qualifier2006-11-24600.5007
Gurchon HallStandard Constructed2006-10-15600005
Power StructureStandard Constructed2006-06-112150063
Italian Qualifier EC2006Continental Qualifier2006-03-12614.50031
Imported VTES EventNational Championship2005-05-29602.50015
Imported VTES EventContinental Qualifier2004-09-26600.5007
Imported VTES EventStandard Constructed2004-04-18601009

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Seat Games % VP GW
1 0 0% 0 0
2 2 66.67% 0 0
3 0 0% 0 0
4 0 0% 0 0
5 1 33.33% 1.5 0
6 0 0% 0 0
7 0 0% 0 0
8 0 0% 0 0
3   1.5 0

Played Decks

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Deck Games VP % GW % Timeout Finals Finals Won
2 0.0 0% 0.0 NAN% 0 0 0
Big Cap Tzimisce Bruise Bleed
1 1.5 100% 0.0 NAN% 1 0 0
Total 3 1.5 0 1 0 0

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We are a small, creative and motivated team to enforce vtes.

  • Martin Weinmaier (event manager EU)
  • Igor Beslin (event manager EU)
  • Kai Kimmerle (developer)

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