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First Game 2020-10-19

Last Game 2020-11-08

Homeland: Brazil 

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Rafael is active in 1 events.
# Event Games VP GW ØVPs Ø GWs TRPs
1 VTES Online World Championship 2020 6 7.5 1 1.25 0.17 43
  6 7.5 1     43

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Last update: 2022-08-03
Event Name 
Open WarOnline Standard Constructed2022-07-1111004205
Game of the instinctOnline Standard Constructed2022-06-2721388154
No secrets from BerinhoStandard Constructed2022-06-19229174084
Deep SongOnline Standard Constructed2022-05-1621488160
O devoradorStandard Constructed2022-05-011141143112
Force of WillStandard Constructed2022-04-03214120054
Big Game BrasilOnline Standard Constructed2022-03-07103.51085103
Cleriston, I'm trying nothing more than tryingStandard Constructed2022-03-062141021.556
Galo da MadrugadaStandard Constructed2022-02-26212.584148
Sede de Vitae Part 30Online Standard Constructed2022-02-14114.5963180
Pelos Fundos - BROnline Standard Constructed2022-02-121141083143
Percio´s showStandard Constructed2022-01-3012121685160
O retorno de PaulãoStandard Constructed2022-01-09215162054
Sede de Vitae Part 26Online Standard Constructed2021-12-13213.5108162
Nordestão 2021Continental Qualifier2021-12-051500.57207
Ambush BrasilOnline Standard Constructed2021-11-2260278013
Sede de Vitae Prt 23Online Standard Constructed2021-10-25-1001805
Malkavian GameStandard Constructed2021-10-241261684144
Nino’s Prank (CRISE no Brasil)Online Standard Constructed2021-10-161113108025
Sede de Vitae Prt 21Online Standard Constructed2021-10-11214108060
Guard DogsStandard Constructed2021-10-10214114050
Sede de Vitae Prt 20Online Standard Constructed2021-10-047016009
Sede de Vitae Prt 119Online Standard Constructed2021-09-278004205
RoundhouseOnline Standard Constructed2021-09-1911005605
Struggle for freedomStandard Constructed2021-09-128007805
Limited CGLimited2021-09-0421596262
Sede de Vitae Prt 15Online Standard Constructed2021-08-30612.572023
Govern the UnalignedStandard Constructed2021-08-29214106160
Sede de Vitae Prt 14Online Standard Constructed2021-08-231251205171
Bum´s RushStandard Constructed2021-08-03214132050
Rat´s WarningOnline Standard Constructed2021-07-111300.56007
Falcon EyeStandard Constructed2021-07-04227150070
É PAUStandard Constructed2021-05-22600.59207
LACKEY a eterna lutaOnline Standard Constructed2021-05-1661378025
Terror FrenzyOnline Standard Constructed2021-04-0416017009
Skin of RockStandard Constructed2021-03-131000.58407
Day OperationStandard Constructed2021-02-141271563144
First BloodOnline Standard Constructed2021-01-09140296013
IV torneio paraibanoContinental Qualifier2020-12-20228150087
Storyline: "WFT" BRASIL 2020 (ON-LACKEY)Online Storyline2020-10-3171390025
Paso a Paso, Camino al NacionalOnline Standard Constructed2020-09-2618019009
CASA DE ARIESStandard Constructed2020-09-06103108593
PAULISTÃO ON-LACKEY 2020Online Continental Qualifier2020-09-05190296013
Liga Lackey 03Online Standard Constructed2020-08-171401.572011
Liga Lackey 02Online Standard Constructed2020-08-011201.596011
Força do ursoStandard Constructed2020-07-251141084116
Liga Lackey 01Online Standard Constructed2020-07-0412008205
Campeonato Mineiro 2020, em Honra ao Elder Amir José ONLINEOnline Standard Constructed2020-06-11902124013
Danças das PenasStandard Constructed2020-05-2320384149
Wolf ClawsStandard Constructed2020-02-097009005
Olho do tigreStandard Constructed2020-01-1920296138
Iron PalmStandard Constructed2019-12-221151323138
South American Championship 2019Continental Championship2019-11-16814102029
Classificatório SAC 2019Continental Qualifier2019-11-15215156070
Lucent BeamStandard Constructed2019-04-287019609
The House Of The Rising SunStandard Constructed2019-02-23216156056
Era das LendasStandard Constructed2019-01-27227156065
A Noite é uma criançaStandard Constructed2018-12-08229168084
Battle FuryStandard Constructed2018-11-236018409
House of PainStandard Constructed2018-10-077019009
No fearStandard Constructed2018-09-156007205
Hunter in the nightStandard Constructed2018-08-181171624121
Battle HungerContinental Qualifier2018-06-106019409
No more tearsStandard Constructed2018-04-076007605
time lapseStandard Constructed2018-02-18228156069
first bloodStandard Constructed2018-01-211051565101
warpathStandard Constructed2017-12-30202102032
symphony of destructionStandard Constructed2017-11-196006405
PowershotStandard Constructed2017-10-297007405
Sede de sangueStandard Constructed2017-09-107006805
Sede de sangueStandard Constructed2017-09-1010290589
Dark Rift (Paraibano)Continental Qualifier2017-08-06218144066
)LIGA_NOVA_ERA_BRASIL- PB HowlStandard Constructed2017-07-096019409
LIGA_NOVA_ERA_BRASIL- PB - Storm HammerStandard Constructed2017-06-0460110409
battle hungerStandard Constructed2017-05-076017209
Liga_"NOVA ERA"_Brasil_PB Beserker's BloodStandard Constructed2017-04-01204150141
Open WoundsStandard Constructed2017-03-059019009
Liga_"NOVA ERA"_Brasil_PB - Battle tranceStandard Constructed2017-02-19100296013
LIGA NOVA ERA BRASIL - PB - THIS IS WARStandard Constructed2017-01-2821488253
WFT_PB_2ª _CONTENDAStoryline2015-04-2520296240
Carnaval dos VampirosStandard Constructed2015-02-147007205

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Seat Games % VP GW
1 1 16.67% 1 0
2 3 50% 6.5 1
3 1 16.67% 0 0
4 0 0% 0 0
5 1 16.67% 0 0
6 0 0% 0 0
7 0 0% 0 0
8 0 0% 0 0
6   7.5 1

Played Decks

(List played games)

Deck Games VP % GW % Timeout Finals Finals Won
!Gangrel Combat
1 1.5 20% 0.0 0% 1 0 0
!Tremere Combat
1 0.0 0% 0.0 0% 0 0 0
Animalism Combat
2 6.0 80% 1.0 100% 0 0 0
Gargoyle Block
1 0.0 0% 0.0 0% 0 0 0
Ventrue Grinder Toolbox
1 0.0 0% 0.0 0% 1 0 0
Total 6 7.5 1 2 0 0

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We are a small, creative and motivated team to enforce vtes.

  • Martin Weinmaier (event manager EU)
  • Igor Beslin (event manager EU)
  • Kai Kimmerle (developer)

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