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First Game 2021-06-05

Last Game 2022-05-21

Homeland: Brazil 

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DelmarSi is active in 2 events.
# Event Games VP GW ØVPs Ø GWs TRPs
2 Atlantic Cup 2022 2 1 0 0.5 0 9
1 Atlantic Cup XXI 2 0 0 0 0 5
  4 1 0     14

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Last update: 2022-08-03
Event Name 
Imperial DecreeOnline Standard Constructed2022-06-161300.55407
taunt the caged beastOnline Standard Constructed2022-06-02228120086
Atlantic CupOnline Standard Constructed2022-05-21-1016009
Deep SongOnline Standard Constructed2022-05-16114784133
Big Game BrasilOnline Standard Constructed2022-03-076015409
Sede de Vitae Part 30Online Standard Constructed2022-02-14215.596078
Pelos Fundos - BROnline Standard Constructed2022-02-128004205
Sede de Vitae Part 29Online Standard Constructed2022-02-07113845138
SDV Prt 28Online Standard Constructed2022-02-01601.572011
bum´s rush BrasilOnline Standard Constructed2022-01-18226120284
RETALIAÇÃOOnline Standard Constructed2022-01-161261203145
Sede de Vitae Part 27Online Standard Constructed2021-12-20202102041
SELADO V5 São PauloLimited2021-12-19100254013
Sede de Vitae Part 26Online Standard Constructed2021-12-1310016009
Sede de Vitae Part 25Online Standard Constructed2021-12-05213.596063
Sede de Vitae Part 24Online Standard Constructed2021-11-2921484065
Ambush BrasilOnline Standard Constructed2021-11-2220278043
BRASILEIRÃO 2021Online Standard Constructed2021-11-09913102025
Sede de Vitae Prt 23Online Standard Constructed2021-10-256015409
Sede de Vitae Prt 22Online Standard Constructed2021-10-18226120182
Atlantic CupOnline Standard Constructed2021-06-05-1004805
Sede de Vitae Prt 5Online Standard Constructed2021-05-24116.51143168
Copa Mickey Day 1 - On LackeyOnline Standard Constructed2021-05-0812016009
Sede de Vitae Prt 2Online Standard Constructed2021-05-031271204200
Sede de Vitae (Prt 1) On LackeyOnline Standard Constructed2021-04-2616003605
Quarentena - On LackeyOnline Standard Constructed2021-04-17-11378025
Terror FrenzyOnline Standard Constructed2021-04-041151143182
SAC 2020 On-LackeyOnline Continental Championship2021-03-20628144053
ONE OF A KIND - ON LACKEYOnline Limited2021-03-1412004205
CONTAGION - on lineOnline Standard Constructed2021-03-0718005205
ZÉ DO CAIXÃO on lineOnline Standard Constructed2021-02-1411004805
BENTO CARNEIROOnline Standard Constructed2021-02-071271204202
Brasileiro On-Lackey 2020Online National Championship2021-01-2313121804280
First BloodOnline Standard Constructed2021-01-09227150198
COBRA KAIOnline Standard Constructed2020-12-1380272013
Pós Guerra PolíticaOnline Standard Constructed2020-11-291271203132
Storyline: "WFT" BRASIL 2020 (ON-LACKEY)Online Storyline2020-10-31804150021
PAULISTÃO ON-LACKEY 2020Online Continental Qualifier2020-09-052291620106
Liga Lackey 03Online Standard Constructed2020-08-17214136069
Liga Lackey 02Online Standard Constructed2020-08-01216126177
Danças das PenasStandard Constructed2020-05-2312004805
THE COMEBACKStandard Constructed2020-02-08128.51744154
VTES PAULISTÃO 2019Continental Qualifier2019-10-131281483175
Pau na presaStandard Constructed2019-06-021141142.5110
PENTEX or CryStandard Constructed2019-04-28215108068
BLOOD HUNTStandard Constructed2019-02-24601.572011
Natal na CamarillaStandard Constructed2018-12-09226156176
PAULISTÃO RAIZ 2018Continental Qualifier2018-11-11614126029
Jogos MortaisStandard Constructed2018-10-20214.5126061
O EXORCISTAStandard Constructed2018-09-0980110009
Colheita MalditaStandard Constructed2018-06-24213.5132057
REUNIONStandard Constructed2018-05-191141364128
Campeonato Brasileiro (BR) 29/04 - SP/BRNational Championship2018-04-29215.5132086
Teatro dos Vampiros - Last Chance Qualifier SP/BR 2018Continental Qualifier2018-04-28115.51505169
O Silêncio dos InocentesContinental Qualifier2018-03-18904144021
JOGOS MORTAISContinental Qualifier2018-01-14215150063
Valhala - Paulistão 2017 - LIGA NOVA ERA BRASILContinental Qualifier2017-07-081701.5106011
A volta do Nariz do PinóquioUnsanctioned Tournament2006-04-01200.50017
Imported VTES EventNational Championship2005-09-04601009
Imported VTES EventNational Qualifier2005-08-28131400250
Imported VTES EventContinental Championship2004-05-29600005

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Seat Games % VP GW
1 1 25% 1 0
2 1 25% 0 0
3 1 25% 0 0
4 1 25% 0 0
5 0 0% 0 0
6 0 0% 0 0
7 0 0% 0 0
8 0 0% 0 0
4   1 0

Played Decks

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Deck Games VP % GW % Timeout Finals Finals Won
Rush Legionnaires Combat
2 1.0 100% 0.0 NAN% 0 0 0
Unmada & Lutz & Friends Stealth Vote
2 0.0 0% 0.0 NAN% 0 0 0
Total 4 1 0 0 0 0

About us

We are a small, creative and motivated team to enforce vtes.

  • Martin Weinmaier (event manager EU)
  • Igor Beslin (event manager EU)
  • Kai Kimmerle (developer)

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