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First Game 2015-12-16

Last Game 2021-06-06

Homeland: Brazil 

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Sydnelson is active in 3 events.
# Event Games VP GW ØVPs Ø GWs TRPs
3 Atlantic Cup XXI  4 15 3 3.75 0.75 161.25
2 1. Lackey VTES tournament  3 8 2 2.67 0.67 88.24
1 Twilight of the Damned 2018 2 3 1 1.5 0.5 25
  9 26 6     274.49

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Last update: 2022-12-31
Event Name 
Atlantic CupOnline Standard Constructed2021-06-0523131802161
SAC 2020 On-LackeyOnline Continental Championship2021-03-20727144049
Brasileiro On-Lackey 2020Online National Championship2021-01-23230110009
Carioca ConstructedStandard Constructed2021-01-17216108065
Cearense 2020Standard Constructed2020-12-121003138017
Liga Lackey 01Online Standard Constructed2020-07-04713108025
Campeonato Mineiro 2020, em Honra ao Elder Amir José ONLINEOnline Standard Constructed2020-06-111401.5102011
ONLINE QUARANTINE TOURNAMENT I - RJOnline Standard Constructed2020-04-1017001805
South American Cup 2020Standard Constructed2020-02-22229168087
Torneio de Fevereiro no Nova AméricaLimited2020-02-08228144080
First Blood SPStandard Constructed2020-01-25202.590036
RETORNO DO INCONNU 2020Standard Constructed2020-01-1221496171
South American Championship 2019Continental Championship2019-11-16615102033
Classificatório SAC 2019Continental Qualifier2019-11-151402120013
Torneio de VTES na Estante RJStandard Constructed2019-10-1921384046
Fall of The SabbatStandard Constructed2019-09-21228120074
PaulistãoContinental Qualifier2019-09-071200.57807
EC 2019 - Day 2Continental Championship2019-08-1849006005
EC 2019 - Day 1Continental Championship2019-08-174013102025
Campeonato Mineiro de V:TESStandard Constructed2019-06-0116018409
PENTEX or CryStandard Constructed2019-04-28612.596023
Campeonato Brasileiro 2019National Championship2019-04-20613.590027
Despedida do Melhor CNStandard Constructed2019-04-1916003605
Nordestão 2018Continental Qualifier2018-11-17215132262
Torneio AlagoanoStandard Constructed2018-11-16214126054
Terra de Gigantes - Jogatina na Casa do JoãoStandard Constructed2018-06-1620184028
Sul-americano (SAC) 30/04 SP/BRContinental Championship2018-04-302271440124
Campeonato Brasileiro (BR) 29/04 - SP/BRNational Championship2018-04-29914112029
Classificatório SAC 2018Continental Qualifier2017-10-1520148032
SAC 2017Continental Championship2017-10-14160284013
Classificatório SAC 2017Continental Qualifier2017-10-1322017209
Recepção SAC 2017Standard Constructed2017-10-12227144089
Campeonato Alagoano 2017Standard Constructed2017-09-09214126152
Campeonato Carioca 2017Continental Qualifier2017-07-08602120013
Campeonato Brasileiro de VTES - Manaus 2017National Championship2017-06-172281480107
LIGA_NOVA_ERA_BRASIL-AM - Fortitude Master - (BR)Standard Constructed2017-06-15814114029
Shadow TwinStandard Constructed2017-05-142114102029
European Championships Day 1Continental Championship2017-05-137402.5102015
Nations Cup 2017Standard Constructed2017-05-1268003605
Torneio VTES RJ - Abril de 2017Standard Constructed2017-04-1521578052
Campeonato Mineiro 2017Continental Qualifier2017-03-1814004805
CAPIXABÃO MMXVIContinental Qualifier2016-12-1760276013
SAC2016SPContinental Championship2016-11-13226.51482119
Last Chance Qualifier 2016 - SPContinental Qualifier2016-11-121102106013
Nordestão 2016 - Fee Stake: NordesteContinental Qualifier2016-10-15215114069
RETAINERSStandard Constructed2016-09-108003605
I Torneio de InvernoStandard Constructed2016-06-181141162120
Brazilian NAT'16National Championship2016-05-2827017209
WARM UP EPISÓDIO III - Pré BR'16Standard Constructed2016-05-2720019009
Ravnos Carnival 2016Continental Qualifier2016-02-087007405
VtES Olympics Games 2016Limited2016-02-08227168074
Year of Fortune JAN 2016Standard Constructed2016-01-1020196132
Special VTES-RJ 2015 ClosureStandard Constructed2015-12-207003605
Shatter the GatesStandard Constructed2015-11-1521378050
Campeonato Carioca 2015 - VTESStandard Constructed2015-10-311021144112
Sulamericano - SACContinental Championship2015-10-1131006605
Pós SACStandard Constructed2015-10-1118003605
Last Chance Qualifier SAC 2015Continental Qualifier2015-10-101803108017
Campeonato Alagoano 2015Standard Constructed2015-09-061271483144
Justicar RetributionStandard Constructed2015-08-236003605
AugustusStandard Constructed2015-08-168005405
Campeonato Mineiro de V:TES 2015Standard Constructed2015-08-1571378025
Sabbat WarStandard Constructed2015-07-12212.560033
Campeonato Brasileiro de V:TES 2015National Championship2015-06-061812.5102023
Pentex Quae Sera TamenStandard Constructed2015-06-0536006605
Bloddy CarnivalleStandard Constructed2015-02-2211260493
Year of fortune MMXVStandard Constructed2015-02-08713100025
Year of FortuneStandard Constructed2015-01-0111019409
Rise of the InconnuStandard Constructed2014-11-0216005405
Anark S.D.C. Jyhad in Rio de JaneiroStandard Constructed2014-10-25101104585
Carta No ChãoStandard Constructed2014-10-1921478166
Nordestão 2014Continental Qualifier2014-10-18217162083
Cruzade Itaocara!Standard Constructed2014-09-2021388050
Torneio de Itaocara Vtes Rj 2014Standard Constructed2014-08-02803126017
Ressac Vtes Rj 2014Standard Constructed2014-05-1821378046
Sul-Americano 2014 "A Copa da Carta é Nossa"Continental Championship2014-05-03225.51382128
Campeonato Brasileiro VTES 2014 "A Copa da Carta é Nossa"National Championship2014-05-02814.5124031
Classificatório Sul-Americano 2014 "A Copa da Carta é Nossa"Continental Qualifier2014-05-01814138029
O ReencontroStandard Constructed2014-04-2721560052
Campeonato Carioca Vtes 2014Standard Constructed2014-04-0612017809
Powerbase: Tijuca Return's Vtes Rio de JaneiroStandard Constructed2014-02-096017609
Undead PersistenseStandard Constructed2014-01-12702120013
Antediluvian AwakeningStandard Constructed2013-12-08217144076
ReSac 2013Standard Constructed2013-11-178005605
South American Championship 2013Continental Championship2013-11-1621018409
Preparatório SAC 2013Standard Constructed2013-11-15226.5150190
Winds of ChangeStandard Constructed2013-11-109003605
Preparatório para o SAC 2013Standard Constructed2013-10-27217156279
Free Carta VTES RJStandard Constructed2013-09-2921484050
Campeonato Mineiro 2013Standard Constructed2013-09-0710005405
Free carta VTES 2013Standard Constructed2013-07-21217114051
Torneio de Julho de 2013Standard Constructed2013-07-07900.53607
BRASILEIRO VTESNational Championship2013-06-012271440102
Preparatório Brasileiro 2013Standard Constructed2013-05-30217162183
Campeonato Carioca de VtES 2013National Qualifier2013-04-1411006005
Mercosul Cup 2012Standard Constructed2012-11-17200.560020
Classificatorio Carioca para o SAC 2012Continental Qualifier2012-10-21115.51504107
Brazilian Cup 2011Standard Constructed2011-06-2412001805
LCQ Brazilian Championship 2011National Qualifier2011-06-23-128168053
SAC 2010Continental Championship2010-12-1822900108
LCQ SAC 2010Continental Qualifier2010-12-172150058
South American Qualifier 2010 - Rio de JaneiroContinental Qualifier2010-10-31600005
2nd Nova Iguaçu Pack TacticsStandard Constructed2010-09-12131100110
Preparatorio para campeonato Brasileiro 2010Standard Constructed2010-08-29600005
Campeonato Carioca 2010Standard Constructed2010-05-306130025
Display Prize Tournament 2010Standard Constructed2010-05-022140052
Mini Qualifier para o Sula 2009 - SJMStandard Constructed2009-09-276020013
Preparatorio para campeonato Brasileiro 2009Standard Constructed2009-09-05600.5007
Classificatorio SAC 2009Continental Qualifier2009-08-16216.50066
The Monster of BOB'sStandard Constructed2009-07-116140029
Campeonato Carioca 2009Standard Constructed2009-06-21601009
Vendetta CariocaStandard Constructed2009-04-246040021
1º Torneio de VtES no Bob's TijucaStandard Constructed2009-04-23214.50064
Monster Draft 2008Limited2008-12-14600.5007
Sul American Championship 2008Continental Championship2008-12-136290057
Mini Qualifier Juiz de ForaMini-Qualifier2008-11-28600005
Mini Qualificatorio Rio de JaneiroMini-Qualifier2008-10-13600.5007
Classificatório Paulista para o Sula 2008Continental Qualifier2008-08-316020013
Qualifier Continental ES-MG 2008Continental Qualifier2008-08-022150052
Dia D RPG-RJ 2008 part 2Standard Constructed2008-05-186140029
Dia D RPG-RJ 2008 part 1Standard Constructed2008-05-176140029
Campeonato Brasileiro 2008National Championship2008-04-20602.50015
Last Chance Qualifier Nacional 2008National Qualifier2008-04-196140029
Campeonato CariocaNational Qualifier2008-04-026130025
Aquecimento Para o Carioca/Brasileiro 2008Standard Constructed2008-03-232130048
1º Torneio Gibiteria SDC de VtesStandard Constructed2008-03-082130044
Constructed Sampa: FevereiroStandard Constructed2008-02-246140029
Abertura 2008Standard Constructed2008-01-27228.50080
Campeonato Juizforano de V:TESStandard Constructed2007-12-166140029
Torneio dos Campeões 2007Standard Constructed2007-10-28600005
IV Campeonato Brasileiro de VTESNational Championship2007-10-13600005
Last Chance Qualifier - Campeonato Brasileiro de VTESNational Qualifier2007-10-12600005
Campeonato carioca de VTESNational Qualifier2007-09-302150061
New Powerbase 2º RoundStandard Constructed2007-08-262130044
Campeonato Sulamericano de V:tES 2007Continental Championship2007-07-076150033
Mini Qualifier: Nova IguaçuMini-Qualifier2007-07-01601009
Classificatório Paulista para o SulamericanoContinental Qualifier2007-06-17615.50035
Mini Qualifier: SJMMini-Qualifier2007-05-262410066
Cataguasense 2007Mini-Qualifier2007-05-066130025
New PowerbaseStandard Constructed2007-04-286020013
South-American qualifier 2007- Region MG-ESContinental Qualifier2007-04-226020013
Aquecimento para o Torneio dos Campeões 2007Standard Constructed2007-04-142150054
O Mentiroso ConstructedStandard Constructed2007-04-012290090
Dia D RPG - RJ Part2Standard Constructed2007-03-112270074
Dia D RPG - RJStandard Constructed2007-03-102160058
Davila GameStandard Constructed2007-03-01600005
Torneio de Abertura 2007Standard Constructed2007-02-042150054
Cataguasense 2006Standard Constructed2006-11-19600.5007
Till Dawn 2006Standard Constructed2006-11-146020013
Paralelo ao BrasileiroStandard Constructed2006-10-08215.50062
Last Chance QualifierStandard Constructed2006-10-076140029
Pos Release de Sabbat 3a EdicaoLimited2006-09-30600005
The Kindred Fight! (Na Casa do Kazan!)Standard Constructed2006-09-246130025
Campeonato MeritienseStandard Constructed2006-08-1911500121
Torneio Carioca de VTESNational Qualifier2006-07-306040021
Torneio dos campeoesStandard Constructed2006-07-162160072
For PlayStandard Constructed2006-07-0911300108
SP Open 2006Continental Qualifier2006-07-01601009
Mini Torneio - Sydnelson's LairStandard Constructed2006-06-212140042
Praxis Sydnelson New Prince of SJMStandard Constructed2006-06-031210.500156
Classificatório SAC 2006Continental Qualifier2006-05-28600005
Classificatorio SulaContinental Qualifier2006-04-30601009
Despedida de NergalLimited2006-03-05600005
Pos Release LoBLimited2006-02-10601.50011
Praxis Nova IguaçuStandard Constructed2006-02-10601.50011
Imported VTES EventStandard Constructed2005-10-02231000106
Imported VTES EventStandard Constructed2005-09-042030030
Imported VTES EventNational Qualifier2005-09-03601009
Imported VTES EventStandard Constructed2005-08-28601009
Imported VTES EventStandard Constructed2005-07-172140064
Imported VTES EventStandard Constructed2005-06-04600005
Imported VTES EventContinental Qualifier2005-05-01600005
Imported VTES EventStandard Constructed2005-04-032020034
Imported VTES EventStandard Constructed2005-02-09601009
Imported VTES EventStandard Constructed2005-01-142020036
Imported VTES EventStandard Constructed2005-01-052140048
Imported VTES EventStandard Constructed2004-12-192140048
Imported VTES EventStandard Constructed2004-10-12601009
Imported VTES EventStandard Constructed2004-10-09600005
Imported VTES EventStandard Constructed2004-10-02600005
Imported VTES EventNational Qualifier2004-09-05601009
Imported VTES EventStandard Constructed2004-07-25600005
Imported VTES EventContinental Qualifier2004-05-09601009
Imported VTES EventContinental Qualifier2004-04-18600005

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Seat Games % VP GW
1 5 55.56% 17 4
2 0 0% 0 0
3 2 22.22% 4 1
4 0 0% 0 0
5 2 22.22% 5 1
6 0 0% 0 0
7 0 0% 0 0
8 0 0% 0 0
9   26 6

Played Decks

(List played games)

Deck Games VP % GW % Timeout Finals Finals Won
5 11.0 42.31% 3.0 50% 0 1 0
Giovanni Bleed
4 15.0 57.69% 3.0 50% 0 1 0
Total 9 26 6 0 2 0

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