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First Game 2020-05-31

Last Game 2020-11-18

Homeland: Sweden 

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curry is active in 2 events.
# Event Games VP GW ØVPs Ø GWs TRPs
2 VTES Online World Championship 2020 1 0.5 0 0.5 0 7
1 Not Unique Vampires league 2020 1 0 0 0 0 5
  2 0.5 0     12

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Last update: 2022-08-03
Event Name 
Finnish Nationals 2021National Championship2021-11-203002114013
Eternals of SeriousStandard Constructed2021-10-02226144075
The Grand BallStandard Constructed2020-01-25215156060
Swedish championship in Vampire: the Eternal Struggle 2019!National Championship2019-09-07151396025
Ropecon 2019 VTES Cube DraftLimited2019-07-28113843154
Finnish Grand Prix (Ropecon 2019)Continental Qualifier2019-07-27716168037
[VEG] Belgian Grand PrixContinental Qualifier2018-02-251703126017
[VEG] BE Saturday DraftLimited2018-02-242171500.583
Burton NAC MirrorStandard Constructed2017-06-17703114017
Shadow TwinStandard Constructed2017-05-14226.51201120
European Championships Day 1Continental Championship2017-05-13109019009
Ascension of CaineStoryline2017-05-121402.590015
Blood Fury Stockholm 2017Standard Constructed2017-04-22603120017
Swedish Nationals 2016National Championship2016-10-0819019009
UK Qualifier 2016Continental Qualifier2016-07-30215108063
GothCon ECQ 2016Continental Qualifier2016-03-26215136168
Swedish Nationals 2015National Championship2015-11-0711018409
Gothcon ECQ 2015Continental Qualifier2015-04-04130110009
European Championship Day 2Continental Championship2014-10-052801.584011
European Championship Day 1Continental Championship2014-10-041316.5174039
Last Chance QualifierContinental Qualifier2014-10-0322111740135
Swedish ECQ 2014Continental Qualifier2014-04-19216144184
EC 2013: Day 2Continental Championship2013-10-062002102013
EC 2013: Day 1Continental Championship2013-10-05381396025
EC 2013: LCQContinental Qualifier2013-10-04617.5150043
Meat Hook Stockholm 2013Standard Constructed2013-09-29214108060
Eluding the arms of MorpheusStandard Constructed2013-05-1112018409
GothCon Annual DraftLimited2013-03-2921496077
Swedish ECQ 2012Continental Qualifier2012-04-07215162084
Annual GothCon Draft 2012Limited2012-04-062281200101
V:tES ECQ @ GothCon 2011Continental Qualifier2011-04-23-127150049
V:tES Draft @ GothCon 2011Limited2011-04-22-1002405
100kr för köttfärsenMini-Qualifier2010-08-222150058
Swedish VtES ECQ @ GothConContinental Qualifier2010-04-03601009
VtES Draft @ GothConLimited2010-04-02602.50015
European Championship 2009 (Day 1)Continental Championship2009-11-14600.5007
Last Chance ENTRY PORT 2Continental Qualifier2009-11-1322800110
Abandoning the Flesh StockholmStandard Constructed2009-05-022150054
Swedish ECQ 2009Continental Qualifier2009-04-116150033
GothCon DraftLimited2009-04-10601.50011
Confusion StockholmStandard Constructed2008-11-08600.5007
1st Chance EC QualifierContinental Qualifier2008-09-21601009
EC Day 1Continental Qualifier2008-09-206020013
LCQ EC PragueContinental Qualifier2008-09-196160037
Örebro European Championship Qualifier 2008Continental Qualifier2008-08-09226.50068
Preternatural Strength: TorontoStandard Constructed2008-03-0213800117
Valentine Day MassacreStandard Constructed2008-02-232160068
VitS DraftLimited2007-08-07601009
The V:tES European Championship 2007 - Day 2Continental Championship2007-08-05601.50011
V:tES European Championship 2007 - Day 1Continental Championship2007-08-04613.50027
Last Chance ECQ 2007Continental Qualifier2007-08-036150033
GothCon 2007, Swedish ECQContinental Qualifier2007-04-07604.50023
GothCon 2007, DraftLimited2007-04-06600005
European Championship 2006 - TorinoContinental Championship2006-11-26601009
European Championship 2006 - Day 1Continental Championship2006-11-256140029
Last Chance EQ - TorinoContinental Qualifier2006-11-24602.50015
VTES in the Sun, ConstructedStandard Constructed2006-08-06600005
VTES in the Sun, First draftLimited2006-08-0512700105
Swedish EC-qualifier (I) 2006Continental Qualifier2006-04-156140029
GothCon DraftLimited2006-04-14602.50015
Imported VTES EventContinental Qualifier2005-11-05601009
Imported VTES EventContinental Qualifier2005-03-266020013
Imported VTES EventContinental Qualifier2004-11-27601009
Imported VTES EventStandard Constructed2004-07-10600005

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Seat Games % VP GW
1 0 0% 0 0
2 0 0% 0 0
3 1 50% 0 0
4 0 0% 0 0
5 1 50% 0.5 0
6 0 0% 0 0
7 0 0% 0 0
8 0 0% 0 0
2   0.5 0

Played Decks

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Deck Games VP % GW % Timeout Finals Finals Won
Gotsdam Toolbox
1 0.0 0% 0.0 NAN% 0 0 0
Lord Tremere Bruise Bleed
1 0.5 100% 0.0 NAN% 1 0 0
Total 2 0.5 0 1 0 0

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We are a small, creative and motivated team to enforce vtes.

  • Martin Weinmaier (event manager EU)
  • Igor Beslin (event manager EU)
  • Kai Kimmerle (developer)

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