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First Game 2020-06-27

Last Game 2022-01-02

Homeland: United States 

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Jay-Kristoff is active in 13 events.
# Event Games VP GW ØVPs Ø GWs TRPs
13 New Years Rumble  3 5.5 1 1.83 0.33 71.37
12 Welcome Ministry and Banu Haqim 2 3 1 1.5 0.5 25
11 VTES Online World Championship 2021 3 5.5 2 1.83 0.67 43
10 Atlantic Cup XXI 3 2 0 0.67 0 13
9 Walk of Flame 2021 2 1.5 0 0.75 0 11
8 V5 for Vendetta 2021 2 3 1 1.5 0.5 25
7 New Year Dawn 2021 2 2 0 1 0 13
6 Creeping Sabotage,Go,Go! 2020 2 0.5 0 0.25 0 7
5 VTES Online World Championship 2020 5 4.5 0 0.9 0 23
4 4 Eternal Nights 2020  3 5.5 1 1.83 0.33 120.41
3 Summer Rumble IV 2020 2 0 0 0 0 5
2 Summer Rumble II 2020 2 0 0 0 0 5
1 Summer Rumble 2020 2 0.5 0 0.25 0 7
  33 33.5 6     368.78

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Last update: 2022-11-21
Event Name 
Bollix: NewarkStandard Constructed2022-10-161271200.5171
Jay's BirthdayStandard Constructed2022-08-21214.596272
Origins - Forced AwakeningStandard Constructed2022-06-12227120082
North American ChampionshipContinental Championship2022-06-1161472029
Origins - Friday 1Standard Constructed2022-06-1022004205
Origins - Thursday 2Standard Constructed2022-06-0961378025
Origins - Thursday 1Standard Constructed2022-06-091400.54807
Week of Nightmares Event 6Standard Constructed2022-06-0812004205
Week of Nightmares Event 7Standard Constructed2022-06-08214102063
Week of Nightmares Event 5Standard Constructed2022-06-0713004605
Week of Nightmares Event 4Standard Constructed2022-06-0712004205
Week of Nightmares Event 2Standard Constructed2022-06-0612004205
Week of Nightmares Event 3Standard Constructed2022-06-0690266013
Week of Nightmares Event 1Standard Constructed2022-06-0561360025
Gear Up: NewarkStandard Constructed2022-05-15214.50165
New Year's RumbleOnline Standard Constructed2022-01-022151020.571
Welcome Ministry and Banu HaqimOnline Standard Constructed2021-12-1961388025
Nosferatu Hosting Loughman's BirthdayStandard Constructed2021-12-0512001805
Week of Nightmares Event 2Standard Constructed2021-09-278016609
Old Friends: NewarkStandard Constructed2021-07-252130260
Atlantic CupOnline Standard Constructed2021-06-05500290013
Walk of Flame (Online)Online Standard Constructed2021-04-181001.584011
V5 for Vendetta (Online)Online Standard Constructed2021-01-3081378025
New Year's Dawn (ONLINE)Online Standard Constructed2021-01-0280282013
Summer Rumble IV ONLINEOnline Standard Constructed2020-08-2212003605
Summer Rumble II ONLINEOnline Standard Constructed2020-07-2510003605
Summer Rumble ONLINEOnline Standard Constructed2020-06-271000.55407
Transfer of Power Hamilton: North American Cup VStandard Constructed2020-02-23214108060
Personal Involvement: HamiltonStandard Constructed2020-02-22102.51021.592
Grand Prix 2019 Ohio ValleyStandard Constructed2019-12-141100005
VTES XLStandard Constructed2019-09-082160064
Ambush: NewarkStandard Constructed2019-08-242030140
V:TES First Chance QualifierContinental Qualifier2019-06-1621484065
V:TES Shadow TwinStandard Constructed2019-06-15213781.556
NAC Day OneContinental Championship2019-06-1438007005
Week of Nightmares Event 6Standard Constructed2019-06-1219015409
Week of Nightmares Event 4Standard Constructed2019-06-1118003605
Week of Nightmares Event 2Standard Constructed2019-06-1013017209
Week of Nightmares Event 1Standard Constructed2019-06-0980278013
Fast Reaction: ColumbusStandard Constructed2019-05-0560284013
High GroundStandard Constructed2019-04-20701.578011
Visit from the CapuchinStandard Constructed2019-03-101300005
Necrosis: NewarkStandard Constructed2019-01-012130052
Loughman's Fifth Tradition BirthdayStandard Constructed2018-12-022130154
Maleficia: NewarkStandard Constructed2018-10-21103.503102
Nephandus (Mage): NewarkStandard Constructed2018-08-12900.5007
V:TES First Chance QualifierContinental Qualifier2018-06-1718004205
NAC Day TwoContinental Championship2018-06-16200110209
NAC Day OneContinental Championship2018-06-15727138049
V:TES Constructed TournamentStandard Constructed2018-06-142500.56007
Week of Nightmares event 7Standard Constructed2018-06-13602.590015
Week of Nightmares event 6Standard Constructed2018-06-131600.56407
Week of Nightmares event 5Standard Constructed2018-06-12701.572011
Week of Nightmares event 4Standard Constructed2018-06-1270278013
Week of Nightmares event 3Standard Constructed2018-06-1117004805
Week of Nightmares event 2Standard Constructed2018-06-1117005205
Week of Nightmares event 1Standard Constructed2018-06-101200.57007
Czar Matt's BirthdayStandard Constructed2018-03-2510702124
Year of Fortune: ColumbusStandard Constructed2017-12-302030040
Loughman's Birthday IV: A New HopeStandard Constructed2017-12-031001009
Hunger Moon : NewarkStandard Constructed2017-09-242060160
V:TES North American Championships Day 2Continental Championship2017-06-1721007805
V:TES North American Championships Day 1Continental Championship2017-06-161501.5108011
V:TES Constructed TournamentStandard Constructed2017-06-15713114025
Week of Nightmares event 7Standard Constructed2017-06-14801.578011
Week of Nightmares event 6Standard Constructed2017-06-1410016609
Week of Nightmares event 5Standard Constructed2017-06-13214.596058
Week of Nightmares event 4Standard Constructed2017-06-136016609
Week of Nightmares event 3Standard Constructed2017-06-128013609
Week of Nightmares event 2Standard Constructed2017-06-12201.566030
Off Kilter: NewarkStandard Constructed2017-05-072150066
Sanguine Entrapment: NewarkStandard Constructed2017-03-12701009
Contingency Planning: NewarkStandard Constructed2017-01-0110603129
Loughman's Birthday IIIStandard Constructed2016-11-20900005
Field Training: NewarkStandard Constructed2016-08-14801009
NAC First Chance QualifierContinental Qualifier2016-06-1919004805
North American Championship Day 2Continental Championship2016-06-181202114013
North American Championship Day 1Continental Championship2016-06-171902102013
Last Chance ColumbusContinental Qualifier2016-06-16226120090
Week of Nightmares event 7Standard Constructed2016-06-1516004805
Week of Nightmares event 6Standard Constructed2016-06-1520272044
Week of Nightmares event 4Standard Constructed2016-06-14202.51081.548
Week of Nightmares event 5Standard Constructed2016-06-14213880.552
Week of Nightmares event 3Standard Constructed2016-06-1312004605
Week of Nightmares event 2Standard Constructed2016-06-13601.572011
Week of Nightmares event 1Standard Constructed2016-06-1210016009
The New Inquisition: ColumbusStandard Constructed2016-01-0360272013
Rewilding: NewarkStandard Constructed2015-09-277004805
Week of Nightmares event 5Standard Constructed2015-06-0380272013
Week of Nightmares event 6Standard Constructed2015-06-03114.51082.5112
Week of Nightmares event 3Standard Constructed2015-06-021200.56607
Week of Nightmares event 4Standard Constructed2015-06-02901.596011
Week of Nightmares event 1Standard Constructed2015-06-012291200.594
Week of Nightmares event 2Standard Constructed2015-06-0160272013
2015 Ohio Valley RegionalContinental Qualifier2015-05-31613.5114027
Recruitment Exercise: NewarkStandard Constructed2015-03-29215840.565
Loughman's BirthdayStandard Constructed2014-12-14226.5120072
Reunion Kamut: NewarkStandard Constructed2014-10-12226120072
North American Championships - Day 2Continental Championship2014-06-141103108017
North American Championships - Day 1Continental Championship2014-06-132261560126
North American Championships - Last Chance QualifierContinental Qualifier2014-06-121302.596015
week of Nightmares event 6Standard Constructed2014-06-11600.56007
Week of Nightmares event 5Standard Constructed2014-06-1161388025
Week of Nightmares event 3Standard Constructed2014-06-101200.56007
Week of Nightmares event 4Standard Constructed2014-06-108017209
Week of Nightmares event 1Standard Constructed2014-06-092261200.578
Week of Nightmares event 2Standard Constructed2014-06-0961288021
Ohio Valley Regional 2014Continental Qualifier2014-06-0870296013
North American Championship - Day2Continental Championship2013-06-15713108025
North American Championship - Day1Continental Championship2013-06-14230296013
NAC Last Chance QualifierContinental Qualifier2013-06-132300.56407
WoN event 6Standard Constructed2013-06-1261378025
WoN event 5Standard Constructed2013-06-12801.566011
WoN event 4Standard Constructed2013-06-11215.5120065
WoN event 3Standard Constructed2013-06-11215.5120068
WoN event 1Standard Constructed2013-06-1021478060
Won event 2Standard Constructed2013-06-109015409
Year of Fortune: ColumbusStandard Constructed2012-12-30800.55407
WoN Event 5-Chicago Style: ColumbusStandard Constructed2012-05-3013017809
WoN Event 6-Many Beers on Tap: ColumbusStandard Constructed2012-05-3011016609
WoN Event 4-Rustica Sub: ColumbusStandard Constructed2012-05-2923003005
WoN Event 2-Forfar Bridie: ColumbusStandard Constructed2012-05-2811016609
WoN Event 1-Scotch Egg: ColumbusStandard Constructed2012-05-2861378025
Fee Stake: ColumbusStandard Constructed2010-12-12214.50068
Final NightsStandard Constructed2010-09-216030017
Kindred Intelligence: NewarkStandard Constructed2010-09-172280074
Great Lakes Qualifier: MichiganContinental Qualifier2010-08-22613.50027
MQ Origins SundayMini-Qualifier2010-06-27600005
Origins USA Championship 2010National Championship2010-06-251310.500253
Origins Thurs AMMini-Qualifier2010-06-246020013
Origins Thurs PMMini-Qualifier2010-06-24600005
Corruption's PUrge: WestervilleMini-Qualifier2010-06-12601.50011
MAYhem MiniQ #1Mini-Qualifier2010-05-15201.50036
ERIE MAYhem MiniQ IIMini-Qualifier2010-05-152120048
Unleash Hell's Fury Mini QualifierMini-Qualifier2010-05-02126.500135
Resurrection, The Rising: ColumbusStandard Constructed2010-04-036130025
A Blow Against ImperialismMini-Qualifier2010-03-192020043
Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat - DresdenStandard Constructed2010-03-09602.50015
Weather Dominator: ColumbusStandard Constructed2010-02-172140059
KoT draftLimited2009-12-132150068
Wake with Evening's Freshness: ColumbusStandard Constructed2009-11-15601.50011
Well-Marked: ColumbusStandard Constructed2009-10-252130050
Siren's LureMini-Qualifier2009-09-2711400127
Rego Motus: NewarkMini-Qualifier2009-09-25600.5007
Order of Hermes Cabal: NewarkMini-Qualifier2009-09-04121000200
Despiral: ColumbusStandard Constructed2009-08-232290088
Origins Constructed #3Standard Constructed2009-06-282160083
North American QualifierContinental Qualifier2009-06-276140029
U.S. National ChampionshipNational Championship2009-06-2622800117
Origins Constructed #2Standard Constructed2009-06-256020013
Origins Constructed #1Standard Constructed2009-06-252250089
Behind You!: ColumbusStandard Constructed2009-06-14601.50011
Law Low: ColumbusStandard Constructed2009-05-27601009
Friday Night DraftLimited2009-05-01600.5007
Haven Uncovered: WestervilleMini-Qualifier2009-04-182290084
Burning the Wicker ManStandard Constructed2009-04-052260061
Imperator: ColumbusStandard Constructed2009-03-22601.50011
Wash: NewarkStandard Constructed2009-03-202140065
Sacrament of Carnage: NewarkStandard Constructed2009-03-08601009
Warsaw Station: NewarkStandard Constructed2009-02-20214.50067
White Night Massacre: NewarkStandard Constructed2009-01-23131100202
Sudden Reversal: ColumbusStandard Constructed2008-12-1712900145
Political BacklashStandard Constructed2008-11-16201.50017
NAC 2008 Second RoundContinental Championship2008-10-26812.50023
NAC 2008 First RoundContinental Championship2008-10-2522800142
NAC 2008 Last Chance QualifierContinental Qualifier2008-10-241213.50027
Holiday bleedingStandard Constructed2008-08-312130031
Loner: WestervilleMini-Qualifier2008-08-10600005
Origins 6/29 ConstStandard Constructed2008-06-292150073
NAQ Origins 08Continental Qualifier2008-06-28615.50035
06/27 11am ConstructedStandard Constructed2008-06-27601009
06/27 6pm ConstructedStandard Constructed2008-06-276130025
06/26 11am ConstructedStandard Constructed2008-06-26214.50074
Diversity: ColumbusStandard Constructed2008-06-25227.500100
Aid From Bats: NewarkStandard Constructed2008-06-14202.50036
Whoops, I crapped my pants: ColumbusStandard Constructed2008-06-04201.50032
2008 Great Lakes Regional Qualifier IndianapolisContinental Qualifier2008-05-312270076
Art of Love NewarkMini-Qualifier2008-05-18231200107
Sound of a Breaking Oath: ColumbusStandard Constructed2008-04-06601009
Quasi Anarch RevoltStandard Constructed2008-03-15600005
Minion Tap NewarkStandard Constructed2008-02-24600005
The Final Nights: WestervilleStandard Constructed2008-01-272150064
Happy New Year: WestervilleStandard Constructed2007-12-30600005
Messy Bed Sheets: ColumbusStandard Constructed2007-12-022140060
Lords of the Night is Legal!!!!Standard Constructed2007-10-282270079
North American Championship: Day #2Continental Championship2007-09-23614.50031
North American Championship: Day #1Continental Qualifier2007-09-22128.500215
North American Championship: Last Chance QualifierContinental Qualifier2007-09-216140029
Abjure: WestervilleStandard Constructed2007-08-2612500112
7-8 ConstructedStandard Constructed2007-07-08600005
Origins NAQContinental Qualifier2007-07-07216.50084
7-6 am ConstructedStandard Constructed2007-07-06600005
7-6 PM ConstructedStandard Constructed2007-07-062260087
7-5 am ConstructedStandard Constructed2007-07-05601009
Free States Rant ColumbusStandard Constructed2007-07-04600005
Great Lakes QualifierContinental Qualifier2007-06-17231300112
Praxis Seizure: WestervilleStandard Constructed2007-05-20131000140
Mexico NAC QualifierContinental Qualifier2007-03-17605.50027
Crusade: NewarkStandard Constructed2007-03-11203.50047
Priority Shift: ColumbusStandard Constructed2007-01-312140045
Codex of the Damned: ColumbusStandard Constructed2007-01-132130052
European Championship 2006 - Day 1Continental Championship2006-11-25601009
Last Chance EQ - TorinoContinental Qualifier2006-11-24601.50011
Power base: YpsilantiStandard Constructed2006-10-2212700113
Shadow Twin NACStandard Constructed2006-10-08215.50079
North American ChampionshipContinental Championship2006-10-07601.50011
NAC Last Chance QualifierContinental Qualifier2006-10-06131000237
Beers of NorthAmericaStandard Constructed2006-10-052150088
US National Champ 2Continental Qualifier2006-08-122160080
Origins 11 am ConstructedStandard Constructed2006-07-02215.50075
NAQ Origins 2006Continental Qualifier2006-07-016020013
Origins 9amStandard Constructed2006-06-30601009
Origins 3pm ConstructedStandard Constructed2006-06-302150078
Origins 3 pmStandard Constructed2006-06-29215.50079
Origins 9amStandard Constructed2006-06-296020013
Shame: ColumbusStandard Constructed2006-06-28221000108
Lock: ColumbusStandard Constructed2006-05-28601009
Becoming of EnnoiaStandard Constructed2006-05-072150064
Travelers Obey the TenetsContinental Qualifier2006-03-041310.500242
Mozambique Allure, PittsburghStandard Constructed2006-02-11600.5007
Legacies of Blood draftLimited2005-11-192140045
Imported VTES EventContinental Championship2005-11-06613.50027
Imported VTES EventContinental Qualifier2005-11-05141000328
Imported VTES EventStandard Constructed2005-09-24601009
Imported VTES EventContinental Championship2005-08-206140029
Imported VTES EventContinental Championship2005-08-196120021
Imported VTES EventStandard Constructed2005-07-03601009
Imported VTES EventContinental Qualifier2005-07-02600.5007
Imported VTES EventStandard Constructed2005-06-30601009
Imported VTES EventStandard Constructed2005-06-30600005
Imported VTES EventStandard Constructed2005-06-30202.50036
Imported VTES EventStandard Constructed2005-06-29601009
Imported VTES EventStandard Constructed2005-06-016020013
Imported VTES EventContinental Qualifier2005-04-23121100230
Imported VTES EventStandard Constructed2005-03-19603.50019
Imported VTES EventContinental Qualifier2005-02-266040021
Imported VTES EventStandard Constructed2005-02-25600005
Imported VTES EventStandard Constructed2004-12-1822100091
Imported VTES EventContinental Championship2004-11-286160037
Imported VTES EventContinental Qualifier2004-11-276270049
Imported VTES EventStandard Constructed2004-10-301130062
Imported VTES EventStandard Constructed2004-10-09603.50019
Imported VTES EventStandard Constructed2004-09-182150068
Imported VTES EventStandard Constructed2004-09-04131100202
Imported VTES EventContinental Championship2004-08-21601009
Imported VTES EventContinental Qualifier2004-08-206270049
Imported VTES EventStandard Constructed2004-06-272140063
Imported VTES EventContinental Qualifier2004-06-266030017
Imported VTES EventStandard Constructed2004-06-25127.500183
Imported VTES EventStandard Constructed2004-06-24214.50072
Imported VTES EventStandard Constructed2004-06-1212800151
Imported VTES EventContinental Qualifier2004-04-1712800228

User - seats & deck

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Seat Games % VP GW
1 10 30.3% 15.5 3
2 6 18.18% 3.5 0
3 7 21.21% 5.5 1
4 7 21.21% 6.5 1
5 3 9.09% 2.5 1
6 0 0% 0 0
7 0 0% 0 0
8 0 0% 0 0
33   33.5 6

Played Decks

(List played games)

Deck Games VP % GW % Timeout Finals Finals Won
19 12.5 37.31% 1.0 16.67% 6 0 0
Hesha Ruhadze G6 Bleed
3 5.5 16.42% 1.0 16.67% 1 1 0
Big Cap FoS Vote
1 1.0 2.99% 0.0 0% 0 0 0
Black Hand Toolbox
1 0.0 0% 0.0 0% 0 0 0
Carna Block
2 2.5 7.46% 0.0 0% 1 0 0
Gangrel Toolbox
1 2.5 7.46% 1.0 16.67% 1 1 1
Magaji/Creeping Sabotage Toolbox
2 2.5 7.46% 1.0 16.67% 1 0 0
Nicolaus Vermeulen Toolbox
2 3.0 8.96% 1.0 16.67% 0 0 0
Shadow Twin Toolbox
1 3.0 8.96% 1.0 16.67% 0 0 0
Tremere Toolbox
1 1.0 2.99% 0.0 0% 0 0 0
Total 33 33.5 6 10 2 1

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