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1 Atlantic Cup 2022 3 3 1 1 0.33 25
  3 3 1     25

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Last update: 2022-08-03
Event Name 
Week of Nightmares Helsinki 2022 WednesdayStandard Constructed2022-07-2721484057
Week of Nightmares Helsinki 2022 TuesdayStandard Constructed2022-07-26116.51140.5151
VTES Grand Prix - Malmö 2022Grand Prix2022-07-022271380100
European Grand Prix Hyvinkää, FinlandGrand Prix2022-06-11216.51440.582
Atlantic CupOnline Standard Constructed2022-05-211613102025
Shell Break EspooStandard Constructed2022-04-1721390053
5th Great SymposiumStandard Constructed2021-12-19212.578050
Finnish Nationals 2021National Championship2021-11-202281561.5124
Zillah's Tears V - Rapid HealingStandard Constructed2021-10-31702120013
Fee Stake: KeravaStandard Constructed2021-10-16215.5144066
Black Forest Base - 3Standard Constructed2020-09-05602.5126015
Garou Rim: Antediluvian AwakeningStandard Constructed2020-08-011141263143
4th Elder Library WarStandard Constructed2020-07-0411015409
Road to EC: Field TrainingStandard Constructed2020-03-14215.5150062
Justicar Retribution Retribution XXXV: Goodbye Sweet DreamsStandard Constructed2020-01-12114.51443149
Finnish Nationals 2019National Championship2019-11-16128.51801.5218
Fee Stake: International Waters 1Standard Constructed2019-09-08214108054
Swedish championship in Vampire: the Eternal Struggle 2019!National Championship2019-09-073700.57807
Journey to Stockholm: Love Boat IIStandard Constructed2019-09-06800.55407
EC 2019 - Day 2Continental Championship2019-08-18216.51440.5128
EC 2019 - Day 1Continental Championship2019-08-172115.5138035
EC 2019 - Last Chance QualifierStandard Constructed2019-08-162212.5120023
Finnish Grand Prix (Ropecon 2019)Continental Qualifier2019-07-272701.5108011
Zillah's Tears III - Body of SunStandard Constructed2019-06-022261381.576
10th Hiekkaharju NightmareStandard Constructed2019-05-112271740.591
Elder Library War 3.0Standard Constructed2019-04-14102.5843104
9th Hiekkaharju NightmaresStandard Constructed2019-02-1614018209
Zillah's Tears II - The ReturnStandard Constructed2019-01-20226138184
Finnish National Championship 2018National Championship2018-11-102400.57807
EC 2018 Day IIContinental Championship2018-08-262901.5102011
EC 2018 DAY IContinental Championship2018-08-252914126029
LCQ with 5 to go!Continental Qualifier2018-08-246201.5108011
Finnish Nationals 2017National Championship2017-09-231102.5126015
Finnish ECQ 2017: RopeconContinental Qualifier2017-07-28225.51480.595
4th Hiekkaharju NightmaresStandard Constructed2017-05-256005205
3rd Töölö Grand BallStandard Constructed2017-03-19113.5961.5116
2nd Töölö Grand BallStandard Constructed2017-02-11214.5960.568
First Chance Qualifier 2016Continental Qualifier2016-11-13228.51560115
EC day 1 2016 - GenoaContinental Championship2016-11-124303102017
Last Chance Qualifier 2016Continental Qualifier2016-11-11717174041
Finnish National VTES Championship 2016National Championship2016-10-15213.5126075
Finnish ECQ 2016: RopeconContinental Qualifier2016-07-291603.5150019
2nd Elder Library WarStandard Constructed2016-07-17900.56007
1st Elder Library WarStandard Constructed2016-06-1812003605
2nd Hiekkaharju NightmareStandard Constructed2016-05-218016009
EC 2015 FCQContinental Qualifier2015-08-302603120017
EC 2015 Day IContinental Championship2015-08-294802114013
EC 2015 LCQContinental Qualifier2015-08-283012.5124023
Finnish 20015 NationalsNational Championship2015-08-221003.5120019
Justicar Retribution XXXVIII: Bad News Travels FastStandard Constructed2015-05-317019009
Finnish ECQ 2015: RopeconContinental Qualifier2015-05-152291680112
Justicar Retribution XXXV: I Want You So HardStandard Constructed2015-01-2561396025
Justicar Retributiion XXXIV: PartytimeStandard Constructed2014-12-14201.5660.529
European Championship Day 2Continental Championship2014-10-052102108013
European Championship Day 1Continental Championship2014-10-043704120021
Last Chance QualifierContinental Qualifier2014-10-031116.5162039
Justicar Retribution XXXI: Date with a VampyreStandard Constructed2014-09-21214.51480.558
Ropecon 2014 Finnish ECQContinental Qualifier2014-07-252103126017
Finnish Nationals 2014National Championship2014-07-19227.5156099
Justicar Retribution XXVIII: Nöyrät nuoleeStandard Constructed2014-06-15613.5148027
Justicar Retribution XXVIIStandard Constructed2014-05-251151500.5106
Swedish ECQ 2014Continental Qualifier2014-04-192200.57807
GothCon Annual DraftLimited2014-04-189016609
Justicar Retribution XXIII: Hail DestroyerStandard Constructed2014-01-26203.5144049
Justicar Retribution XXII: Wolverine BluesStandard Constructed2013-12-151271381.5138
Justicar Retribution XX: Mun jututStandard Constructed2013-10-27215.51440.567
Justicar Retribution XVIII: Hard Without TendernessStandard Constructed2013-08-252271441.593
Ropecon 2013 Finnish ECQContinental Qualifier2013-07-2662007605
Finnish nationals, 2013National Championship2013-06-2922111740123
Justicar Retribution XIV: Veil fo the ForgottenStandard Constructed2013-04-21614132029
Justicar Retribution XI 25.11.2012 Helsinki, FinlandStandard Constructed2012-12-0213019009
Justicar Retribution VIIStandard Constructed2012-08-05601.5102011
Ropecon 2012 Finnish ECQNational Qualifier2012-07-273702108013
Eyes of the Dead IIIStandard Constructed2012-01-22228.5156091
Finnish ECQ RopeconContinental Qualifier2011-07-295301.5108011
Finnish Championships, TurkuNational Championship2011-05-2271596033
Praxis Seizure:Turku LIVStandard Constructed2010-12-056030017
Praxis Seizure:Turku LIIIStandard Constructed2010-10-10600005
Ropecon 2010 Finnish ECQContinental Qualifier2010-07-2325140029
Monday Mayhem XVIStandard Constructed2010-04-052160073
Conklaavi 2010Mini-Qualifier2010-03-286130025
Praxis Seizure: Turku LIStandard Constructed2010-02-282130055
Monday Mayhem XIVStandard Constructed2010-01-042250075
Praxis Seizure: Turku LStandard Constructed2009-10-18231200110
Praxis Seizure: Turku XLIXStandard Constructed2009-09-0612700147
Ropecon 2009 Tournament (and Finnish ECQ)Continental Qualifier2009-07-316160037
Praxis Seizure:Turku XLVIIIStandard Constructed2009-07-26214.50061
Finnish Nationals 2009National Championship2009-05-23600.5007
Conklaavi 2009 (Mini qualifier, Turku)Mini-Qualifier2009-05-092150060
Praxis Seizure:Turku XLVIIStandard Constructed2009-03-08601.50011
Praxis Seizure:Turku XLVIStandard Constructed2009-01-256130025
Manse 2009 - Out with a bang!Standard Constructed2009-01-17612.50023
Praxis Seizure:Turku XLIVStandard Constructed2008-09-072310.500106
EC mini-qualifier Espoo, FinlandMini-Qualifier2008-09-066020013
Ropecon 2008 Tournament (and NQ)National Qualifier2008-08-08614.50031
Praxis Seizure:Turku XLIII (Mini Qualifier)Mini-Qualifier2008-07-27600005
Conlaavi 2008Standard Constructed2008-05-032140060
Kirjasto pelaa IIStandard Constructed2008-03-301140085
Praxis Seizure:Turku XLIIStandard Constructed2008-03-161311.500198
Praxis Seizure:Turku XLIStandard Constructed2008-02-102280086
Praxis Seizure:Turku XLStandard Constructed2007-12-16601.50011
Kirjasto pelaaStandard Constructed2007-12-08201.50024
Praxis Seizure:Turku XXXVIIIStandard Constructed2007-10-07600005
Praxis Seizure:Turku XXXVIIStandard Constructed2007-08-262140059
Ropecon 2007 TournamentStandard Constructed2007-08-10227.500120
Praxis Seizure:Turku XXXVI - Mini QualifierMini-Qualifier2007-07-29601.50011
Praxis Seizure:Turku XXXVStandard Constructed2007-06-17601.50011
ECQ Finland / Conklaavi 2007Continental Qualifier2007-05-266150033
Praxis Seizure: Turku XXXIIIStandard Constructed2007-02-112160071
Praxis Seizure: Turku XXXIIStandard Constructed2006-12-172020038
Praxis Seizure:Turku XXXIStandard Constructed2006-11-052150067
Praxis Seizure:Turku XXXStandard Constructed2006-09-236020013
Ropecon 2006 TournamentContinental Qualifier2006-08-11603.50019
Praxis Seizure:Turku XXIXStandard Constructed2006-06-046020013
Turku, Finland - Conklaavi 2006Standard Constructed2006-04-08601009
Praxis Seizure:Turku XXVIStandard Constructed2006-01-292150063
Imported VTES EventStandard Constructed2005-08-20601009
Imported VTES EventStandard Constructed2005-07-226130025
Imported VTES EventStandard Constructed2005-05-146130025
Imported VTES EventStandard Constructed2005-04-23600005
Imported VTES EventStandard Constructed2005-01-212190092
Imported VTES EventLimited2004-12-072020019
Imported VTES EventStandard Constructed2004-07-23601009
Imported VTES EventStandard Constructed2004-07-182150070
Imported VTES EventStandard Constructed2004-04-17600005

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3 1 33.33% 3 1
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7 0 0% 0 0
8 0 0% 0 0
3   3 1

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