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Last update: 2022-12-31
Event Name 
Rumo ao BR 2Online Standard Constructed2022-12-1921478057
Rumo ao BR 1Online Standard Constructed2022-11-21214.5120058
Nose of the houndOnline Standard Constructed2022-07-25203108045
Open WarOnline Standard Constructed2022-07-1160272013
Game of the instinctOnline Standard Constructed2022-06-271261202136
Imperial DecreeOnline Standard Constructed2022-06-162141140.561
taunt the caged beastOnline Standard Constructed2022-06-0213005805
Atlantic CupOnline Standard Constructed2022-05-2139004805
Deep SongOnline Standard Constructed2022-05-1621488056
Big Game BrasilOnline Standard Constructed2022-03-0720272032
Sede de Vitae Part 30Online Standard Constructed2022-02-14217114188
Pelos Fundos - BROnline Standard Constructed2022-02-12-116114037
Sede de Vitae Part 29Online Standard Constructed2022-02-079016609
SDV Prt 28Online Standard Constructed2022-02-01900.55407
bum´s rush BrasilOnline Standard Constructed2022-01-18103.5543133
RETALIAÇÃOOnline Standard Constructed2022-01-1621378156
Sede de Vitae Part 27Online Standard Constructed2021-12-20701.578011
Sede de Vitae Part 25Online Standard Constructed2021-12-0521378061
Sede de Vitae Part 24Online Standard Constructed2021-11-291300.56007
Ambush BrasilOnline Standard Constructed2021-11-22-11478029
BRASILEIRÃO 2021Online Standard Constructed2021-11-09813.5114027
Sede de Vitae Prt 23Online Standard Constructed2021-10-25-1017609
Sede de Vitae Prt 22Online Standard Constructed2021-10-1820266046
Sede de Vitae Prt 21Online Standard Constructed2021-10-111261205167
Sede de Vitae Prt 20Online Standard Constructed2021-10-04228120184
Sede de Vitae Prt 119Online Standard Constructed2021-09-27214840.561
Sede de Vitae Prt 18Online Standard Constructed2021-09-208016609
RoundhouseOnline Standard Constructed2021-09-1971384025
Sede de Vitae Prt 17Online Standard Constructed2021-09-13214.596065
Sede de Vitae Prt 15Online Standard Constructed2021-08-30-1001805
Sede de Vitae Prt 14Online Standard Constructed2021-08-2321478063
Sede de Vitae Prt 12Online Standard Constructed2021-08-0917005405
Sede de Vitae Prt 11Online Standard Constructed2021-08-0290278013
Sede de Vitae Prt 10Online Standard Constructed2021-07-2614005205
Sede de Vitae Prt 9Online Standard Constructed2021-07-18114.5964167
Rat´s WarningOnline Standard Constructed2021-07-11113.5963156
Sede de Vitae Prt 8Online Standard Constructed2021-06-28214.5102065
Sede de Vitae Prt 7Online Standard Constructed2021-06-2115001805
Sede de Vitae Prt 6Online Standard Constructed2021-06-141161081.5172
Atlantic CupOnline Standard Constructed2021-06-052614114029
Sede de Vitae Prt 5Online Standard Constructed2021-05-24214.5114067
Sede de Vitae Prt 4Online Standard Constructed2021-05-1761278021
LACKEY a eterna lutaOnline Standard Constructed2021-05-1621388160
Sede de Vitae Prt3Online Standard Constructed2021-05-102210120095
Copa Mickey Day 2 - On LackeyOnline Standard Constructed2021-05-091261204144
Sede de Vitae Prt 2Online Standard Constructed2021-05-03227120091
Fortaleza ON LakeyOnline Standard Constructed2021-04-1121378050
Terror FrenzyOnline Standard Constructed2021-04-0420016009
SAC 2020 On-LackeyOnline Continental Championship2021-03-201316150037
CONTAGION - on lineOnline Standard Constructed2021-03-0721484073
ZÉ DO CAIXÃO on lineOnline Standard Constructed2021-02-14114783147
Brasileiro On-Lackey 2020Online National Championship2021-01-232391800125
SAC 2017Continental Championship2017-10-142500.58207
Classificatório SAC 2017Continental Qualifier2017-10-13225.5148086
Recepção SAC 2017Standard Constructed2017-10-121002120013
Niver do BiellStandard Constructed2017-08-27217114069
Aniversário do Gangrel Master!Standard Constructed2017-08-19-11384025
Boas vindas Matheus!Standard Constructed2017-07-23-115108033
Sexta tradição: DestruiçãoContinental Qualifier2017-07-16614132029
Forced AwakeningStandard Constructed2017-06-04-127138049
Praxis Seizure: FortalezaStandard Constructed2017-01-22-125.5138043
Aniversário e despedida do Barão de FortalezaStandard Constructed2016-12-2710005605
Fee Stake: Ceará IVContinental Qualifier2016-12-11-11384025
Último ChurrascardStandard Constructed2016-12-03-1310180069
Último ExtraStandard Constructed2016-11-27-11484029
Feijocards IIIStandard Constructed2016-11-06-112.560023
Sobral Extra 01Standard Constructed2016-06-26-11478029
Fee Stake: Sobral IVContinental Qualifier2016-06-259007805
MagazineStandard Constructed2016-06-191500.57807
Brazilian NAT'16National Championship2016-05-28214.5132085
WARM UP EPISÓDIO III - Pré BR'16Standard Constructed2016-05-2720019009
Dead-End AlleyStandard Constructed2016-05-227017809
Churrascard 2016Standard Constructed2016-05-1421484035
Boxed InStandard Constructed2016-04-17214108052
Homenagem ao CaririStandard Constructed2016-03-2721484050
AmaranthStandard Constructed2016-03-20215132061
FeijocardsStandard Constructed2016-02-2810004605
Fake OutStandard Constructed2016-02-21115.51684144
Power of OneStandard Constructed2015-12-13-11560033
Fee Stake: Ceará IIIContinental Qualifier2015-12-051104120021
Loose CannonStandard Constructed2015-11-15228138078
Crimethlnc.Standard Constructed2015-10-25227.5156084
Sulamericano - SACContinental Championship2015-10-111703120017
Last Chance Qualifier SAC 2015Continental Qualifier2015-10-10227.51800101
Steely TenacityContinental Qualifier2015-09-20-1005205
Campeonato Extra 08 - Casa do RenatoStandard Constructed2015-09-13226120266
Stealing YearsContinental Qualifier2015-08-16215.5150071
Smash and GrabStandard Constructed2015-07-1212003005
SkullduggeryStandard Constructed2015-06-14-11460029
Campeonato Brasileiro de V:TES 2015National Championship2015-06-06226.51680108
Pentex Quae Sera TamenStandard Constructed2015-06-052261501100
Campeonato Extra 03Standard Constructed2015-05-24-11478029
ShatteringStandard Constructed2015-05-17228162083
Campeonato Extra 02Standard Constructed2015-05-021291482153
Campeonato Extra - Deu a louca no BarãoStandard Constructed2015-03-0810272381
Fee Stake: Sobral IIStandard Constructed2015-02-1621578054
Keystone KineStandard Constructed2015-02-08215.5126068
Nordestão 2014Continental Qualifier2014-10-18616144037
Anarch Railroad, FortalezaStandard Constructed2014-09-14229168195
Crusade: SobralStandard Constructed2014-06-221141304109
Anarch Revolt, FortalezaStandard Constructed2014-06-1510019009
Campeonato Extra - RecrutamentoStandard Constructed2014-06-08603102017
Campeonato Extra - TesteStandard Constructed2014-05-24-1001805
Anarch Free Press, FortalezaStandard Constructed2014-05-181161563147
Recepção ao Lucas e AndréStandard Constructed2014-05-101251202137
Crusade: Caucaia IIStandard Constructed2014-03-259015409
Anarch Salon, FortalezaStandard Constructed2014-03-161271384148
Anarch Manifesto, FortalezaContinental Qualifier2014-02-09614132029
Crusade: Caucaia IStandard Constructed2014-01-2521396050
Status Perfectus, FortalezaStandard Constructed2014-01-19613108025
Fee Stake: CearáNational Qualifier2013-12-21229174096
Fee Stake: Fortaleza VIStandard Constructed2013-12-08125.51204130
Fortaleza Limited - Deck SeladoLimited2013-12-0121384246
Twilight Camp, FortalezaStandard Constructed2013-11-026016009
Fee Stake: Fortaleza IIStandard Constructed2013-10-2721478042
Fee Stake: SobralStandard Constructed2013-10-121261202109
Fee Stake : FortalezaStandard Constructed2013-09-08113884124
Capeonato Cearense VTES 2010National Qualifier2010-07-25131100137
Ceará - Classificatório para o Sul Americano 2008Continental Qualifier2008-09-142170071
Campeonato Cearense de VTES 2007National Qualifier2007-09-30601009
Qualifier Região NordesteContinental Qualifier2007-05-272260070
CAMPEONATO CEARENSENational Qualifier2006-07-082270079
South American Qualifier - Region NortheastContinental Qualifier2006-05-072120037
Campeonato CearenseStandard Constructed2005-12-2812700113
Imported VTES EventStandard Constructed2005-05-212150054
Imported VTES EventContinental Qualifier2005-04-096140029

User - seats & deck

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Seat Games % VP GW
1 3 11.54% 3.5 0
2 8 30.77% 6 1
3 3 11.54% 0 0
4 7 26.92% 10.5 2
5 5 19.23% 3.5 1
6 0 0% 0 0
7 0 0% 0 0
8 0 0% 0 0
26   23.5 4

Played Decks

(List played games)

Deck Games VP % GW % Timeout Finals Finals Won
7 8.0 34.04% 2.0 50% 0 0 0
1 0.0 0% 0.0 0% 0 0 0
Brunhilde Toolbox
1 0.0 0% 0.0 0% 0 0 0
Dracon Combat
2 6.0 25.53% 1.0 25% 0 0 0
EL Bleed
1 0.0 0% 0.0 0% 0 0 0
Fatima Combat
1 1.0 4.26% 0.0 0% 0 0 0
Gangrel wall
1 0.5 2.13% 0.0 0% 1 0 0
Gargoyle Block
3 4.5 19.15% 1.0 25% 1 0 0
Gargoyle Toolbox
2 1.0 4.26% 0.0 0% 1 0 0
Lasombra Bleed
1 1.0 4.26% 0.0 0% 0 0 0
Marry Ann Alastor Combat
1 0.0 0% 0.0 0% 0 0 0
Nana Buruku Combat
1 1.0 4.26% 0.0 0% 0 0 0
Nana Buruku Combat Animalism
1 0.0 0% 0.0 0% 1 0 0
Tremere Gargolye Rock Cat Combat
1 0.5 2.13% 0.0 0% 1 0 0
brujah debate anarch Vote
2 0.0 0% 0.0 0% 0 0 0
Total 26 23.5 4 5 0 0

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We are a small, creative and motivated team to enforce vtes.

  • Martin Weinmaier (event manager EU)
  • Igor Beslin (event manager EU)
  • Kai Kimmerle (developer)

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